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Duffryn Yard

This page collects together information on Duffryn Yard, its engine sheds and goods yard, up to its closure in 1964 

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Duffryn Yard, February 1962:

GWR tank engines nos 3626 and 4278 outside the shed

Courtesy of Lens of Sutton Association

Duffryn Yard was situated in Taibach, Port Talbot, between Conduit Place and the mountain, and was originally positioned to the south side of the convergence of several of the Port Talbot Railway's principal lines at Duffryn Junction, with good access to the docks and the Great Western main line. Duffryn Yard Shedplate 87B

The shed itself was originally constructed in 1896 by the Port Talbot Railway as a 5 track straight dead-ended shed. It was brick-built, with a slate roof.  Under the grouping of the railways in 1924, the ownership of Duffryn Yard and the lines it served passed to the Great Western Railway.  The GWR undertook a partial reconstruction of the engine shed in 1931, enlarging it with a sixth track, replacing the roof, and adding facilities including a larger turntable and new more efficient coaling facilities.  

Other than its location, its significance was as the home of a large proportion of the locomotives used on the GWR's wider network of valleys lines, substantially devoted to freight traffic though also providing traction for some passenger services. 

The maps (to follow) show the opening and closure dates of Duffryn Yard, associated lines and the yard and sheds. 

Final closure came on 2 March 1964, and demolition followed soon after. Part of the elevated section of the M4 motorway was built over the southern end of the site. Subsequently the rest of the site was developed for housing along the east side of Conduit Place, including Llewellyn Close and Heol Caradog.

Duffryn's much reduced role was substantially relpaced by the new Margam diesel depot, located to the east of Port Talbot Steel Works, adjacent to a major new automated goods yard constructed during the late 1950s and early1960s.  Margam Depot itself closed in August 2009, though the goods yard continues to operate on a much-reduced scale.

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