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  Managing tensions in healthcare regulation
Luisa Affuso, PwC, October 2013

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 has fundamentally changed the way in which competition in the healthcare sector is regulated. Many providers are now experiencing a tension. On the one hand, they are being led towards consolidation in order to reduce costs and improve outcomes; and on the other, they are finding their plans potentially at risk of being blocked for infringing competition rules. A focus on patient benefits is key to getting competition approval for a proposed merger or service reconfiguration that raises competition concerns.

Link: Read the full article at the PwC website

Tackling the diseases of poverty:
Meeting the Millenium development targets for malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS

UK Cabinet Office, May 2001

In 2000, the UK's Prime Minister launched a project examining how to achieve better availability of drugs to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in developing countries and help achieve the targets for these diseases agreed at the G8 Okinawa summit.

This report to the UK Government sets out the project's analysis, findings and recommendations. The project worked closely with the UK’s Department for International Development and HM Treasury, in developing its proposals; as well as consulting a wide range of parties world-wide.

The report examines the need to build on existing initiatives to strengthen preventative and treatment action and health care systems. It has a particular focus on identifying policy measures required to address the issues of affordability and incentives.

The report contributed to the development of the Global Fund for Health, and the use of advance-purchase commitments by government, philanthropic and aid institutions to stimulate research and development for drugs to tackle diseases mainly affecting the world's poorest, for which markets would not otherwise exist.

Link: Download the report from the UK Prime Minister's Strategy Unit website (PDF, 1MB)

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