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Highbury Fields Weather Station

We're just behind Highbury Fields, London, N5, between Upper Street and the Emirates

Latitude 51.54685211
Longitude -0.10107900
Elevation 98 feet 
Postcode N5 1JA

Station reference ILONDON25



Weather not visible in your browser?  Please follow this link to our station's page at Weather Underground.

Tweets from Highbury Fields

About the weather station

Highbury Fields weather station in use is a Nevada WH1080, and these pages are updated every 5 seconds or so. This page is updated through a feed from Highbury Fields weather station via Weather Underground. You can get our full data, forecasts and back series by following this link to our Weather Underground page.

You can also find our live readings on a range of live weather apps - just search for Highbury Fields in the station settings. Our favourite is Weather Station .UK or the international version Weather Station Live - both available for 1.49 from iTunes. It looks a bit like this.

We're trying to tie this in to our Twitter feed, @fieldshighbury, which also covers news from and around the Fields.  We'd welcome feedback, particularly from other North London stations, and particularly from anyone who can get their Cumulus pages to update and upload via FTP without having to do it yourself by hand.... see below for contact details.

For data purposes, the metorological day ends at 9am.

  E-mail us at webperson [at] larpnet [dot] com, without the spaces. You can leave comments and subscribe for Highbury Fields on Twitter.

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