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Straight from the i-Pod's Most Played list this month's favourites and bits of the back catalogue

Playlist update for October 2007


Our backcatalogue

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Playlist for October 2007
El Negro Zumbón (The Song from Anna)   
Silvana Mangano with Orchestra and Chorus    Vatro Roman  

Do-do-do/do-do-do/do-do-doooo   A 1950s soundtrack by La Mangano, become soundtrack to a great moment in  Nanni Moretti's 1990s film 'Caro Diario', it is hard not to dance to this.


Howling Winds   
Joe Turner       
Stompin' at the Savoy    

"I know I love you, because the rain wrote it on my windowpane", so fine I can hardly breathe.  Big Joe went on famously to belt out 'Shake Rattle and Roll', but this was his finest moment.


How It All Went Wrong   
Les Incompetents       
How It All Went Wrong - Single    

Amazing and essentially crazed local Islington band, rarely in any danger of taking themselves too seriously. Recently split. They quit while they were ahead. This is a rock gem. 


Secret Love   
George Michael   
Songs From The Last Century   

Hard to come to terms with George's rendition being better than Dorris Day's 'Calamity Jane' soundtrack original.  But it truely is.


Shower Scene   
Saint Etienne       

"I have news, good news, from Notting Hill...".  A stormer from 'Finisterre', Saint Etienne's sublime filmography of London.   

Open the Door, Richard   
Louis Jordan       
Essential Collection: Louis Jordan  

I Don't Feel Like Dancin'    
Scissor Sisters       
I Don't Feel Like Dancin' - Single   

Few things could make one feel more like dancing than this.

Slow Train   
Autumn K. Dial       
Wanted: the Infamous Autumn K. Dial and Her Guitar      

Have Twangy Guitar - Will Travel

God Only Knows   
The Beach Boys       

Gianmaria Testa       

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