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Wines online

Some outstanding reference pages at:

The web page of the body regulating wines from Bordeaux has some useful general information on wine generally, as well as details on the region -

The Larrouse des Vins (Larrouse, Paris, 1999) is well written and illustrated, and provides a huge amount of background information on wine production and selection, and reviews the best producers and exporters from each of the world's significant wine producing areas.  It also provides guidance on vintages for each area, food compatibilities and other useful analysis.  Larrouse also recently published a wine encyclopaedia in English.  You can also browse one of the better wine reviews page on the internet, produced and regularly updated by Robin Garr in the US, at

Buying links - for Italian wines - and another one, very good reference sections on Italian wines and their history, though buying selections a bit thin. - London wine merchants
Mangiarebene - excellent Italian culinary website  Authoritative site with a huge range


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