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Hackford Road, London SW9        


Detail from Vincent Van Gogh's 1871 sketch of the Georgian terrace opposite Durand School in Hackford Road.  Van Gogh's stay in one of these houses in the early 1870s, before most of the Victorian housing in the street was built, is commemorated with a blue plaque.  The play "Vincent",  by Richard Eyre, had a successful run at the National Theatre and in the West End, and is based on this period.

Many of contemporary artist Albert Irvin's works are named after south London streets which he refers to as the work's "coordinates", although they have no literal reference.   Hackford Road is the coordinate of the Hackford Suite, a series of four paintings.

Nearby Kennington Common was the scene of a key event in the history of British radicalism and democracy - the 1848 Chartist Rally, in which several thousand radicals coverged to protest for votes for all (all men, that is), regular parliamentary elections, salaries for MPs, and fair parliamentary representation for new industrial districts.  The rally took place against a backdrop of revolutions in 1848 throughout Europe, and the Government, fearful of a revolution here, packed central London and all key public buildings with police and troops.  In the event the large protest was orderly and peaceful.

Type Museum

One of the world's most significant typographic collections is located at the southern end of Hackford Road in the National Museum of Type and Communication, 100 Hackford Road. The museum was founded in 1991 and houses examples of the art and craft of typography from the last 500 years.  Opens by appointment only - telephone: 020 7735 0055, fax: 020 7735 7059. 

The Type Museum held a major fund-raising literary evening in 2003, in which more than 250 people came to meet thirty local authors - all of them living within reach of the museum - and to buy signed copies of their latest books. Authors included Philip Hensher, Julie Myerson, Will Self, Ann Widdecombe, Alexandra Campbell and Helena Drysdale.  Sir Piers Rogers, the Director of the Museum, and Stephen Bayley, writer and style guru, both made excellent speeches, and Ann Widdecombe drew the raffle. The Type Museum opened up its workshops and collections specially for the evening, while our local bookshop, the Oval Bookshop on Clapham Road, sold the books.  It is hoped that this was the first of many high-class literary events at the Museum.  (Source:
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Hackford Walk
Thinking of working closer to home?  Hackford Walk - at the southern end of Hackford Road - offers secluded office space: see

The Stockwell Partnership is the website of the Stockwell Partnership - a local-run community organisation focussed on community development and regeneration.  The site includes historical notes and photographs of the area, including memories of people living in the area in the 1930s and 40s. 

Stockwell Park
Just up Brixton Road is Stockwell Park - a conservation area boasting a number of impressive late-Victorian villas, including some spectacular  late-Gothic homes: the excellent community website is at:
and includes a searchable illustrated database including historical and architectural details of many buildings in the area, including those on Clapham and Broxton Roads. also provides news on forthcoming events and developments in the wider area, including Hackford Road and the Durand School.

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